Yokohama W.Drive V905 Tyres Available in Manchester

Yokohama W.Drive V905


W.Drive V905

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Introducing the V905, where advanced technologies combine to deliver confident handling for performance cars and SUVs throughout the winter – rain or shine, snow or slush. With an increased edge effect and all-new compound, the V905 will keep your car ready to grip the winter roads. 
Longer Wear - The new compound technology delivers the ultimate winter performance levels across a wider range of temperatures. The new compound and a lighter-weight construction contribute to lower rolling resistance and higher fuel efficiency.
Enhanced Stability - The variable angle of the lateral groove maximizes the edge effect on snow and ice.
Confident Handling - Triple 3D Sipes/2D Sipes offer more biting edges for better performance on slick surfaces and maintain block stiffness for confident handling in all conditions.
Optimum Performance - Circumferential Micro Sipes deliver optimum performance on snow and ice surfaces even without a break in period.
Excellent Drainage – Wide Slanting Grooves provide excellent drainage to combat hydroplaning.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 17 Tyres
Yokohama W.Drive V905 235/55R17 103VVR
Size 18 Tyres
Yokohama W.Drive V905 225/40R18 92WW E C 72
Yokohama W.Drive V905 225/45R18 95VYV
Yokohama W.Drive V905 265/60R18 110HH C C 73
Size 19 Tyres
Yokohama W.Drive V905 235/45R19 99VVR
Yokohama W.Drive V905 255/40R19 100VVR
Yokohama W.Drive V905 275/40R19 105W C C 73
Size 21 Tyres
Yokohama W.Drive V905 295/35R21 107VVR