Hifly Super 2000 Tyres Available in Manchester

Hifly Super 2000


Super 2000

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  • Hifly SUPER 2000 RF 205/65 R15 102R Tyre
  • Good all round performance
  • Premium Value for money
  • budget brand
A premium budget 205/65 R15 102R tyre which represents good value for money. Good grip, mileage and stability, can be expected from this budget tyre.
  • Deliver extra puncture resistance and robust load bearing capacity
  • Provide excellent wet and dry grip
  • Provide enhanced mileage with reduced heat
  • Superior comfort and quiet ride

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 12 Tyres
Hifly Super 2000 155/80R12 88/86QR
Size 14 Tyres
Hifly Super 2000 175/65R14 90T
Hifly Super 2000 175/70R14 95S E C 72
Size 16 Tyres
Hifly Super 2000 205/75R16 110/108R E C 72